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Energy brokers play an important role helping consumers make the best energy procurement choices, as well as upholding the integrity of deregulated retail energy markets across the country.

Rather than adding costs, a “third party broker” drives down the overall price by introducing multiple levels of competition into the transaction.  Additionally, since there is not a “standard offer” contract or product in the marketplace, members of the Aggregator, Broker, and Consulting (ABC) community also serve to normalize pricing, making sure that consumers are not misled by rates that may be convoluted or difficult to interpret.

There is no algorithm, program or software that can take in to account all of the factors of an evolving and highly complex market.  The education, experience and industry knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of the procurement process can be best achieved by working with industry professionals.

SUSTAINABILITYFavor green options when it makes sense.ENERGY INCENTIVESMaximize income opportunities like demand response.ENERGY TRACKINGManage data to drive decisions and inform Planning.ENERGY EFFICIENCYModernize to improve the bottom line.RISK MANAGEMENT Protect yourself from price volatility. ENERGY SOURCING Procure/Curtail what you need at the best available price.Learn MoreLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn More

We’ve boiled it all down to a simple equation, providing customers a strategic framework for understanding and minimizing their energy spend over time:

E = (P • Q – I)

(Total Energy Cost = Price times Quantity minus Incentives)

In conjunction with this essential framework, Imperial Energy Services supplies the full range of services customers need to make this equation work for them, tools and approaches that can lower energy prices (P), curb consumption (Q) and/or increase incentive program payments (I). Together these services work in tandem to help our clients pro-actively manage energy to reduce their overall spend, advance business goals and, ultimately, move beyond fighting their energy battles to winning the war.

Putting this all together in an easy-to-understand way that accurately accounts for the contributions of, and interplay among, various energy cost drivers is the inspiration behind the Seven Levers and the growing, innovative energy management product portfolio we are developing to manage them.


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